Millfield & Blundell’s schools photo archive.

We have now the archive of house photos from Ken Nicholls, the previous photographer at both schools. The archive includes the names and title files to go with each photo so mounted photos with the crest and names, as they were at the time of taking, can be produced

For Millfield this will include the Christmas ball and house photos over the past years.

For Blundell’s this will include the teams photos from spring, summer, autumn and house photos for each year.

Contact us for further details



Xmas again

Millfield Xmas ball

All of the photos from last Saturday night’s Christmas ball are on our website for viewing and purchase by parents and pupils. Your password for the galleries online have been sent to your houseparents.


Blundell’s School House photo first sessions

The first of the house photo sessions for Blundell’s school in Tiverton will be on 26th September.

Northclose house and Petergate house photos will be early this year instead of next spring in order to give all concerned more time with out exams and trips looming as in the spring.

We will be there with the staging set up ready for 12.45pm. See you all then.