The M&Y Lacey photography website is a hub for our clients.

We have individual websites for our customers accessible from the main website.

Our front page

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St. Mary’s 

StMarys home


More houses

The following have been added to your school websites on our website, in your galleries. 

Abbey house, Martins house second session, Butleigh house, Gorton house , Francis house, Kingweston house second session, Shapwick house, The grange house, Ivythorn house, The Lakes house, Overleigh house, Mill house , Great house and Etonhurst house.

Houses on the website.

The following houses are on the website for viewing only until the school orders are in. After that they will remain on the website and buying will be enabled until January when they will go into the archive.

Martins House, Old House, Kernick House, Warner House, Kingweston House (1st session), School House, ST. Annes House (1st session), Westlake House and Joans Kitchen.

My time

With the schools on their break there is time to catch up with developing and printing in the darkroom.

Working in both film and digital creates opportunities to create scenes in a multitude of ways. I especially like to work with alternative processes and in particular salt prints and Lith printing. 

This past couple of weeks I have caught up with printing all of the 35mm, film contact sheets with many prints made. From these I will select ones frames that warrant printing further. I have also completed the 6×45 film and 5×4 film developing.

I have also had time to work with the LPL 7452 enlarger and analyser pro which I have found is a great combination and look forward to spending more time with it.

I will post scans of the film photos on here in the next couple of weeks. 

School photo sessions

We have most of the house sessions booked for the new term with one house booked for the end of this term.

If you haven’t booked your school photo shoot yet places are going fast.

The first 2 weeks back are looking pretty full so contact us or book online.