Teams & Schools Bookings

Bookings for this years school house photos are progressing, any houses still to book can do so on our website or contact us direct. Still plenty of time to book. 

Teams photo shoot 2 at Blundell’s School today 12:30. If there are any teams which did not make it to the last shoot we can take your shots today. Just come over to see us front of school.

We are expanding our services to Schools and Teams in the South West. If you would like more information look on our website or contact us.

Introduction to our services

Spring Sports Teams On website

Blundell’s school spring teams photos are now on our website for viewing. Pupils and parents remember you will need the password to view…contact the House parents for the code.

This will be for viewing only at the moment…….

Orders will be via the school who will have the hard copy proofs and order forms next week. > Hub guides > Blundell’s …for navigating our site.      OR > client Hub > Schools > Blundell’s > Team photos > View images > Spring Teams > enter password.                                                       


A day in the darkroom

Spent the day printing photos with negatives which were far from ideal. The day they were taken was a dreary, dull and lifeless day and as it was so overcast I used Ilford HP5+ in the Nikon f6.

I had developed the film in Fotospeed FD10 but the resulting negs had little life. Deciding I needed to boost the contrast I used Rollei RHC high contrast developer to develop the prints at grade 4. the developer gains about a stop I found and at grade 4 it certainly put life back into the prints.

Later I toned with selenium and lastly moved from RC to FB warm tone to put some warmth back. All in all a good day.